#Honda #NSX: 27 anni e non sentirli

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Acura’s 2005 NSX doesn’t feel like it’s aged a day

  • 2005 Acura NSX

    PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Is it so wrong to lust after Helen Mirren more than Blake Lively? Ford’s original GT40 more than the about-to-be-reincarnated GT? Are such longings for glories past based on true reminisce or just further proof that the only thing receding faster than my hairline is my ability to recall how truly awful the supposedly good old days really were?

Whatever memory lapse I was suffering, I have to admit I was truly taken aback by my short drive in the pristine Silverstone Metallic — Acura being fond of F1-themed colour schemes back in the day — 2005 NSX that Acura had on display at its Palm Spring press unveil of its recently rejuvenated supercar. There I was, supposedly basking in the glory that is Acura’s new Super Handling All Wheel Drive Sport Hybrid and what should happen but that I fall back in love with the original.

Ten-year-old supercars are not supposed to feel this modern. Or rev to 8,000 rpm as freely as they just came off the assembly line. Or clip apexes as if 205/50ZR-15 front tires were somehow au courante supercar rubber. A measly 290 horsepower — upgraded from the original’s 270 — is not supposed to feel this genuinely rorty. What form of black magic is it that NSXs weave? Is there some secret NSX fountain of youth? A sacrificial NSX turning to rust in a secretive Wildean attic, its suspension sagging so that its flesh and steel doppelgangers might enjoy perpetual supercar youth.

2005 Acura NSX

Name me one other car that was launched in 1990 that could pass muster in a 2016 showroom. I’ll save you the trouble of Googling Dorian Gray and remind you that 1990 was also the year Oldsmobile launched something called the Silhouette (yes, I barely remember it as well), the very first Elantra made its way into Hyundai showrooms (and we all remember how truly awful they were) and Plymouth gave us its Laser, a supposed sporty little coupe so bad it barely lasted till 1994. As for supercars, the NSX of the day had to contend with Ferrari’s notoriously wayward 348, Corvette’s irrelevant ZR-1 and Lamborghini, if you care to recollect, was making more money selling powerboat motors than supercars. No wonder Motor Trend called the NSX “the best sports car ever built.”

I almost didn’t drive it. It was a busy day, testing its long-awaited, finally-arrived successor. And, besides, I had driven one, what, 10 or 12 years ago? What could a 10-year-old car — based on a 25-year-old design — with barely more horsepower than a Toyota Avalon possibly teach me that a double-clutched, twin-turbocharged Sport Hybrid couldn’t?

Well, for one thing, that sometimes, just sometimes, age and guile do trump youth and exuberance. That engineering, well executed, always stands the test of time. And that some values — pride in craftsmanship (that would be Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance), a rigid adherence to build quality and a determination to always exceed the standards of the day — never go out of fashion.

Acura may only build one supercar every 25 years, but it builds them for the ages.



1989.02 Prototype



1990.09.13 Brand New Model



1995.03.08 Minor Model Change / Added Variation



1997.02.06 Minor Model Change / Added Variation




1999.09.21 Minor Model Change



2001.12.06 Minor Model Change



2003.10.23 Minor Model Change


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1992.11.26 Brand New Model



2002.05.23 Added Variation

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