Honda to Launch All-new CIVIC TYPE R in Japan

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Honda announced that the all-new CIVIC TYPE R pure sports model with thoroughly enhanced dynamic performance will be available at dealerships across Japan beginning December 7, 2015.
The all-new CIVIC TYPE R, developed under the “Soul-shaking Superior Drive” concept, is the first model to sport Honda’s newly developed 2.0L VTEC TURBO engine which exquisitely balances power, torque and response. Honda’s unique VTEC technology is enhanced with direct injection and turbocharger technologies to produce a maximum output of 310PS*1 and torque of 400Nm*1, making the latest generation CIVIC TYPE R the highest performer yet. Pursuing an outstanding driving feel on the circuit and public road alike, the CIVIC TYPE R’s fundamentals – moving, turning and stopping – have been burnished with an aerodynamically-tuned exterior, adaptive damper system, a 6-speed manual transmission, and 19-inch high-performance tires.
To thoroughly test the production model’s performance, Honda selected the North course of the Nurburgring in Germany, at which a development unit set a new 7 min 50 s 63 lap time, the fastest record*2 for production FF vehicles*3.
Availability of the all-new CIVIC TYPE R will be limited to 750 units. Honda will be accepting order entries via its website from Thursday, October 29 to Monday, November 23, 2015. Successful entries will be determined by lot if order entries exceed availability.
*1 Measured by Honda
*2 Research by Honda (October 2015)
*3 Measured by Honda (May 2014)


●Sales Plan (in Japan)
limited to 750 units

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (in Japan)

Price (8% consumption tax included)

2.0 liter direct
6-speed manual transmission
4,280,000 yen

  • *Price does not include insurance premium, taxes (other than consumption tax) and vehicle registration and other costs.
  • *Automobile recycling law recycling charges not included. Recycling charges include recycling deposit (cost necessary to recycle shredder dust, air bags, and chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs), and administrative charges) and fund management charges.

<CIVIC TYPE R Features>

Engine and Transmission

  • Turbo-charged high-output, high-torque, high-revving VTEC engine produces FF production car class-topping*4 310PS (228kW) output and 400Nm torque with 7,000rpm red-zone.
  • VTEC (variable valve timing and lift electronic control system) for the exhaust valves, and VTC (Variable Timing Control to continuously adjust intake valve timing) for both inlet and exhaust valves, realize outstanding high-output and response.
  • Low inertia and high-output mono-scroll turbocharger coupled with electric waste gate (enabling highly flexible boost pressure control) improve boost response and contribute to higher fuel efficiency by reducing pumping loss.
  • Direct injection system with multi-stage fuel injection, and high-tumble air intake ports improve combustion efficiency.
  • Aggressive weight-saving in engine’s moving components such as pistons, con-rods and crankshaft contribute to improved acceleration and handling feel.
  • Exhaust system with resonator effectively amplifies engine sound, and delivers enthralling exhaust sound as engine speed rises and from the engine start.
  • Lightweight 6-speed manual transmission with cross-ratios matching engine characteristics provide a quick and exhilarating gear shift feel.

*4 Research by Honda (October 2015)


  • Suspension, brake, tire, and steering systems designed specifically for the TYPE R to realize the fastest production FF vehicle.
  • Dual axis strut front suspension system (strut with steering knuckle) easily handles high torque input and is set up to maximize traction even under acceleration from high-G corners.
  • Crushed pipe combined with simple structure and space-efficient torsion beam rear suspension vastly improves roll rigidity, realizing high degree of stability through high-G corners.
  • New four-point Adaptive Damper System, developed specifically for the TYPE R provides continuous real-time control of each wheel based on driver input and vehicle status to maintain a stable attitude, distribute weight between all wheels appropriately, and realize stable maneuverability even at high speeds.
  • Agile Handling Assist (AHA) enhances turn-in and line-trace characteristics, and contributes to an accurate handling feel on slippery surfaces (such as wet roads.)
  • High rigidity dual pinion EPS realizes rapid response steering feel.
  • Front brakes equipped with Brembo mono-block 4-pot Aluminum calipers and drilled large diameter discs.
  • High performance 235/35Z R/19 tires and 19 inch Aluminum wheels.


  • Adhesives used on wider surface areas for main frame joints vastly increase chassis rigidity.
  • Large rear wing providing strong downforce and front over fender increase straight line stability and steering feel. Most of underbody covered, and front spoiler, side sill garnishes and rear diffuser contribute to outstanding aerodynamics, in pursuit of negative lift to improve high speed stability.

■+R mode

  • +R switch changes engine, adaptive damper system, VSA and EPS control to provide outstanding acceleration and road holding, enhancing the joy of driving on the road and on the track.


  • Black upholstering with stunning red accents. CIVIC TYPE R-exclusive leather steering wheel with red Honda emblem on center pad.
  • Honda TYPE R seats designed specifically for the TYPE R, with low hip point design.
  • Multi information display providing wide range of information enhances driving experience. In addition to standard information such as fuel gauge for everyday driving, water and oil temperature, oil and boost pressure, G meter, accelerator status, brake pressure, and lap time make the track even more exciting.

■Comfort Features

  • Multiplex meter, Rev indicator, Honda Smart Key System, Fully-automatic air conditioner,  Navigation-compatible package*5
  • *5Navigation-compatible package includes rear camera, audio remote control switch, USB socket, AM/FM antenna and video input.